Exciting Times For Premier Electrics!!

Premier Electrics are currently in the process of almost finishing the designs for our new website, designed by a company called Rocktime Ltd who are based in Poole. With the help of these guys and our marketing team, we have come together to create a fantastic website design and we cannot wait to launch it! The possible launch day is unknown at this current moment in time but we are aiming for the end of August or early September but we will keep you posted on the progress.

We can confirm it will be mobile friendly which will be a huge relief for our present and future customers!

As well as this, it will be clear with bright colours such as White, Green and dashes of dark pink! We are hoping our customers will enjoy the experience of using the new website as we cannot wait to release it. We may be able to release a sneak peak screenshot soon!


Which Neff Single Oven Is For You?

When looking through our range of Neff Single Ovens there is such a wide variety that it can make deciding which one is best for you quite hard. That’s why I’m writing this blog post, I will go through each of our Neff Single Ovens and highlight the key pro’s.

Neff have three main areas of single ovens these being; Standard single Neff ovens, Neff Slide & Hide Ovens and the new Neff Pyrolytic Hide & Slide Oven.
The standard oven range includes four ovens, three of which are the same model but vary in colour. This Oven is called the CircoTherm which includes 5 functions and a Silver display. Colours include White, Black, and Stainless Steel.

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If you are interested on this range of ovens click the link to be redirected to our website for more details.
The fourth standard oven is the CircoTherm which is different as it has 12 functions, ClearText, small TFT display, ShiftControl and only comes in stainless steel.


Moving onto the Neff Slide & Hide Oven, this appliance has a door that you pull and can slide easily into a compartment underneath the oven. This cuts the risk of hazards massively by lowering the risk of yourself or others like children catching your skin on the heat and burning yourself. It also means that the person cooking doesn’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen meaning people can pass simply and children don’t bump into the adult putting the food into the oven. As well as this, people with small kitchens can feel more at ease when having guests around or when they need to place a few items in or out at one time.

NEFF_Cover_1_V2If you wish to see more Hide & Slide Products click here.

This video demonstrates how easy the oven is to use.

Lastly, the new Neff Pyrolytic Hide & Slide Oven is the newest culinary creation in the cooking world right now. It has the same features of the Neff Slide & Hide Oven but has a Pyrolytic program. The process works by the pyrolytic program heating the oven up to 485 degrees Celsius. This then turns anything in the oven to an easy to remove ash like product. when the program is finished you simply wipe away the ash from the bottom of the oven with a damp cloth. Making this the fastest method to clean ovens.


For more details click here.

New Stock Added!

The brand new Fisher & Paykel RF610ADW4 French Door Fridge Freezer has now been stocked with Premier Electrics.


For only £1759.00 the Fisher & Paykel RF610ADW4 French Door Fridge Freezer is a perfect appliance for large homes with large families in. The design for starters is simplistic but still elegant and along with the colour being white it has the ability to brighten up any kitchen. As the light that sheds through windows hit the fridge it will bounce across the fridge onto the surrounding space in your kitchen. This would help create a happy atmosphere which is ideal, as the kitchen can be one of the busiest places in a household. Another beauty of this fridge freezer is that it will go with any kitchen style you have meaning, you don’t have to make alterations to your kitchen just to suit the fridge that’s in it. Moving on from the style, it is an easy to clean fridge, the glass shelves are removable and spill-safe, which means they catch drips and spills and stop the liquid from dropping down to the shelf below. Also, the storage bins and doors are spotlessly clean with just a simple wipe down.

As well as this, this fridge is smart; if by chance the doors are left open, you will hear and alarm so that the energy is not wasted. The defrost function uses ActiveSmart technology to save energy as well as make the defrost function adaptive. The fridge will decide the best time for your fridge to defrost based on your use of the appliance. For example, when on holiday lower levels of use will be detected so the fridge freezer will defrost less often, making sure you save your money.  ActiveSmart™ consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use.

Lastly, this will guarantee a life made easier. By choosing this fridge you are buying a helping hand, for example, you can easily operate your fridge Freezer using the SmartTouch control panel requiring just a touch of your finger to adjust settings and activate functions. Flexible shelving helps you to organise your groceries easily, and access everything you need quickly thanks to the slide out trays and bins.

Don’t miss out on this summers must have fridge! Head to our website to for more details; http://ow.ly/PerZT


The Ultimate Washer And Dryer Guide To Buying

A washer and dryer is an essential home purchase, and there are numerous new models on the market providing all of the latest technology and features that even the most discriminating buyer will covet. When shopping, there are a few key elements that you should keep in mind;


One of the key features of any washer and dryer is the capacity.


Buyers may be looking for models that can hold a bigger load due to having a large family, which can make household chores more efficient. The fact is that bigger capacities equate to longer cycle times, meaning if you don’t have much time for this chore, you may want to consider smaller capacity models for your home. These conventional sets may cost less, too.


Another thing to be concerned with is the amount of money you are having to spend due to the water you use during a wash cycle. The appliance might be energy-efficient, but you need to be sure that it isn’t a water-waster, which may subsequently drive up your utility costs rather than bring them down like many German Appliances that can bring the costs down.

Cycle Time

As larger loads equals longer cycles, look for models that offer a range of cycle times. This will help to conserve utilities and energy when you want to wash a few items, or when running small loads through your machine. There are some amazing products available that offer lightning fast cycles, but the prices may be a bit higher for these high-tech appliances.


When looking at the specifications you must read what kind of fabrics and materials you cannot put into the machine and of course, if you like to go camping or hiking a lot and need to wash waterproof apparel/equipment then a machine unable to do the job would not be right for you and you could then risk ruining your machine as well as your material.


It pays to read into how much it will cost you to run your machine as you don’t want to get stuck paying for a machine which is burning your money as fast as you can say ‘Go’. Another idea is to have a detailed look at reviews that people have given the product so that you can see for yourself the possible faults that may occur to you and the pro’s and con’s. However, don’t let one or two get the better of you as often it is a simple explanation to the occurrences meaning it won’t be a problem for you.

Going Retro This Summer


Smeg Appliances are the most retro kitchen appliances of them all, with their amazing range of colours going from bright reds and greens, to light pastel pinks and blues they cater for every taste. At a first glance you may fall in to nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s era and reminisce on the old styles you were familiar with when you were younger. The beauty of Smeg is that even though they have an iconic retro design the products do fit into mostly any kitchen style. Meaning that, these products are able to simply add colour and character to your kitchen without creating to much work for yourself. In my opinion, I feel there is no biased gender for these products also, especially as there is a colour for every person. Arguably, Smeg products do possibly sway more to women because of the design. However, the products would suit a male modern or minimalist kitchen. You can buy the whole kitchen appliance range through Premier Electrics,in a variety of different colours, as well as, free delivery on the products you purchase. Shop now at www.premierelectrics.co.uk


The Washing Machine Debate…

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Many people wonder what washing machine is actually the ‘best’ for them and often debate on how much they should spend on a washing machine. You may or may not know the difference between models such as the Classixx range and the 3D Aqua Spa models because at the end of the day, we’re all asking ourselves the same question – if they all do the same thing “why don’t I just go for the cheapest?”

Well, washing machines have features like having a high or low drum capacity which determines the amount of clothes or material you can wash at one time. For a family, possibly a washing machine with 8-9 KG would be appropriate for them. The reason being is they can get more washed in one go instead of having to do a few washes.

Furthermore, some washing machines have different systems built in to make your washing easier and more suited to your needs such as I-Dos where you don’t need to put detergent in the washing machine every time you have a load because there is an automatic dispenser in the machine that does it for you. A few helpful programs include; Mixed Load, Allergy +, Automatic, Sports Wear program, Super Quick 15, Wool program, Delicates 30 degrees. These features make the washing routine much more simpler. It also means your clothes are protected from going bobbled, stretched or decreased in size. It’s simply a case of choosing the machine suited to you and your lifestyle that makes the difference.

Hello Welcome!


Welcome to our new blog! We are Premier Electrics, a Kitchen Appliance sales and repairs company established in 1972. We specialise in German appliance products from brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Miele. We cover the South of England and offer competitive prices with an unrivalled service. Premier Electrics are currently going through a re-branding process whereby we are introducing better ways to communicate with our customers including Social Media, creating new websites for our repairs service and by the end of August we will be ready to launch our brand new e-commerce website designed by Rocktime. This blog will detail the latest updates, newest products, and will offer expert advice.