Miele’s New WT1 Washer Dryers

For those who have small kitchens and lack in space Miele’s washer dryers are a perfect way to optimised your kitchen space. Instead of having two separate machines you can enjoy a convenient washer-dryer.

Miele will be launching the new WT1 washer dryers in October. The new models have compact dimensions, only 60cm depth, being easily fitted in everywhere.

The WTF130 WPS can wash and dry up to 4 kg of laundry continuously whereas the previous model could only wash and dry up to 3kg.  If you only want to wash your laundry you can do so, the WTF130 WPS has a big washing drum capacity and can take up to 7kg of laundry at one time and dries up to 4kg of clothes.

This washer-dryer features Miele’s patented CapDosing which helps you achieving the best laundry results when it comes to special applications such as outdoor clothing or woollens. It automatically dispenses its contents during the cycle, allowing you to effortlessly do your laundry.

These WT1 models feature washing options such as Express 20, Stains options, Pre-Iron and PowerWash 2.0, all to provide you with better laundry care.

So if you have a small kitchen or would rather have a 2-in-1 appliance, Miele’s washer dryers are extremely reliable and feature the brand’s HoneyComb drum, CapDosing and TwinDos on the WTH120 and WTZ130 models.

You can check Premier Electrics’s washer dryers here.








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