Childproof Kitchen?

One of the topics we feel is important to talk about is how dangerous kitchens can be when you have children playing around. Considering  children walk on a ground level you will need to store away toxic cleaning products, garbage bins and any sharp items that can cause harm.

Here we put together a few tips on how to turn your kitchen childproof.

Childproofed hob top

Your hob can be extremely dangerous when children try to reach the hot surface, although the hob tends to be higher than children can reach, it’s always a risk leaving it unprotected.

If you have an electrical hob try getting into the habit of using the back hot plates instead of the front ones. Most of the electric hobs nowadays have a lock button that needs to be pressed before switching off the hot plates, making it safer.

However, if you have a gas stove you will need to be more careful with the stove knobs. The most secure way to keep your children away from accidents is to remove the stove knobs as soon as you finish cooking as most of the stove knobs are easily removable coming straight off when pulled. If you want to be extra safe or you don’t like the idea of having knobs laying around the kitchen risking losing them, you can opt by getting stove knob covers. This is especially useful when the stove knobs are by the front of the appliance instead of beside the hot plates.



Childproofed Dishwasher and Microwave:

Children love playing with microwaves, buttons that beep and a plate that spins around, it seems like it is one of their favourite toys.

To avoid your children opening up your microwave and dishwasher in mid-cycle and having to double wash your crockery you can obtain childproof straps.

Childproof straps are particularly useful around the kitchen, the adhesive bottom can get a good grip to your cabinets and almost any type of appliance .

Also keep in mind that having child locks spread around your kitchen don’t necessary mean it’s completely safe to leave your child unsupervised in the kitchen.

Having guests over can also mean they forget to lock the straps back in.

The best way to keep your kitchen as childproofed as possible is to get into the habit of:

  • Keep cleaning products and garbage bins out of reach. Store them in an upper cabinet.
  • On your dishwasher place your knives downwards. In case your child does manage to open the dishwasher or while loading it avoids them grasping the sharp end or being poked.
  • Don’t keep items over the edge of cabinets or worktops as they can be pulled and fall over.
  • Keep the kitchen floor swept and clean. If you have pieces of food laying around the floor your child might put it on the month.
  • Store potentially dangerous items such as cutlery and sharp utensils on an out-of-reach drawer or cabinet.
A way of keeping children from getting themselves into danger is to keep them occupied with something else. If you buy animal magnets and stick them to the bottom of your fridge your child just might get entertained with them while you do the cooking.
Children cooking activities is also a good way of keeping them engaged and out of trouble.
Remember that there are 1001 childproof solutions out on the market to make you lock, buffer and cover all the potential dangers in your kitchen.
As much as you want to protect your children from getting harmed the solution is not on childproofing every single appliance(as this can also become extremely annoying for adults).
Stick with only a few latches and try putting the tips above into practice. If you know you’ve stored away all the child harming products then your mind will be at ease.




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