How to keep your kitchen organised


We all struggle to keep our kitchens tidy and neat…

With all the rushing around on weekdays we see ourselves obligated to tidy up the kitchen cabinets on the weekends.

Here are some easy tips for an orderly kitchen!

Tip #1  Group your items

Start by Emptying all your cabinets and drawers and deciding which products you use more frequently, then group them together in  quick-access deep drawers or cupboards.

Tip #2 Hang cooking utensils vertically 

Instead of having all your utensils rammed into a drawer try hanging them on the vertical by hanging a rack on the countertop. This way not only you can find utensils quicker you free up an extra drawer.

Tip #3 Make usage of containers 

Containers are an excellent way to organise your cabinets, by storing your items into different sized containers you can avoid having loads of different packagings laying around your kitchen and it will also give a stylish look to your kitchen.

When transferring your products into containers or perhaps mason jars don’t forget to label them. Labelling will save you loads of time looking for ingredients in your cabinets or pantry.


Organise your cabinet by product type


Tip #4 Try to keep lids and containers together 

Reserve one of the drawers to store all the containers and respective lids. Nothing is more frustrated that not finding the lid to the right container.

Tip #5 Keep products with the closest expiring date on the front!

What we all tend to do is buy new products and when storing them pushing the others down to the back of the cabinet, well that’s not a particularly good idea! Then when we realise all the other products gone past the expiring date… always try to keep the oldest products on the front and store the new ones behind.

                            Clever Idea!!

Hang corkboards on the inside of your cabinet door to take advantage of every bit of space.

You can hand a corkboard on the inside of your cabinets so they don’t look as bare and use it to pin recipes, notes or even your shopping list!

We hope you found this post interesting, for more articles like this visit our Facebook and remember at Premier Electrics we offer the best kitchen appliances.


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