Discover Miele’s Robotic vacuum cleaner


As the technology develops more often now we see self-driving, autonomous products. Robotic vacuum cleaners have particularly been popular over the time and their demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of %15.3 by 2020.

These autonomous vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity as it reduces household cleaning time. With rechargeable batteries and long lasting hours of performance they are becoming extremely sophisticated.

Miele has launched their very first own robot vacuum cleaner back in 2014,Scout RX1. The brand offers the same features as it competitors but with a more extended battery life and sensors that map where it has to clean.

Between the features, Scout XR1 has a smart Navigation system which allows it to clean in parallel lines throughout the room, an extended battery life that lasts up to 120 minutes at a time without needing to be recharged.

Miele also took time investing in a furniture protected system and a smart corner cleaning setting so obstacles can be avoided and prevents it from getting stuck in furniture and walls. Scout RX1 is able to recognise objects in the path and clean the surroundings.

The corner mode allows Scout RX1 to reach edges and difficult corners where the dust tends to build up.

You can check Miele’s product features here and tell us what do you think about this vacuum cleaner.






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