Discover Miele TwinDos Detergent

What is TwinDos Detergent? Miele have invented the best liquid detergent system that can be used at push of a button. TwinDos is automatically dispensed and offers two options: first one being, you use Miele’s 2 Phase System. This ensures maximum efficiency and dispenses the UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. TwinDos

The TwinDos feature (if selected) will dispense accurate amounts of each detergent to your wash load to guarantee you get perfect wash results. Not only that, but it can save up to 30% on detergent use rather than overdosing by hand.

Alternatively, the UltraPhase detergents are not compulsory as the TwinDos system can dispense regular detergents automatically and precisely. The Miele traditonal detergent compartment is still located in the top left for those who prefer to use powdered detergent.

Why is UltraPhase so effective? Find out why in the video below.

TwinDos promotion – If you have a TwinDos machine you can claim for a years worth of free ultra phase detergents. For more information on this promotion click here.

TwinDos machines: WMG120, WKG120, WMH120WPS & WMH121WPS, WKH120WPS & WKH121WPS, WMR560WPS & WMR561WPS, WKR570WPS & WKR571WPS, WKR770WPS & WKR771WPS, WMV960WPS


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