How A Connected Home Will Reshape Your Routine

Bosch Home have recently developed ‘Home Connect’ which allows all of your Bosch household appliances to be controlled through your phone or tablet. This includes fridges, washers & dryers, coffee machines, cooking and dishwashers. All you need to do is have Wi-Fi, a phone or tablet and the Bosch Connected App which can be downloaded free from the App store and the Google Play Store.

The beauty of being able to control your appliances is that you can do it 24/7 which is perfect for everyday life. Bosch Home Connect is tailored to your every need and want. For example, at the press of a button you can find out about coffee growing, roasting methods and the most important types. It will also give you lots of great recipes and tell you why coffee tastes so great. Another great thing about the app, is that you can see when your fridge or freezer door hasn’t been closed properly which means you can tell anyone at home to close it or whoever will be home first to. The app also gives you food and storage tips so if you are ever unsure of something, you will most likely find out what to do through the handy app.

As well as this, through the Bosch Home Connect app you can have your appliances serviced by calling the Home Connect Hotline and they can remotely check the appliance and then decide what parts are needed resolving the issue much quicker.


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