Inject Colour With Liebherr Fridge Freezers

Liebherr, well known for their commercial products such as cranes and machinery, have a new range of vibrant freestanding fridge freezers. The Liebherr fridge freezers are all the same in terms of their features and functions. To keep the fresh summer vibes theme they have designed them in four different colours that are sure to brighten up your kitchen area. One great thing about Liebherr is their reputation for high quality, when you purchase a Liebherr product you know it’s strong, reliable and well made.
Below you can find the Liebherr fridge freezers functions, images and model numbers. 


– SmartFrost – food is frosted faster and reduces ice build-up making defrosting quicker and easier.
– CoolPlus – CoolPlus function reduces the temperature in the freezer compartment for several hours so that food can be frozen gently and safely.
– A++ Energy rating
– Bottle rack
– 4 fridge shelves, 3 removable
– 39 dB Noise Volume


CUfr3311 Fire Red
CUwb3311 WaterBlue
CUag3311 Avocado Green
CUef3311 SmartSteel Dr


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