More Power, More Energy Efficient – Miele PowerWash 2.0

Miele’s PowerWash washing machine and tumble dryer models are being replaced by new models that have PowerWash 2.0 technology. Powerwash 2.0 achieves an even more energy efficient wash without compromising on quality or time.

The innovative Spin&Spray wash technology uses water in the optimum way to save energy whilst ensuring perfect results. The video below demonstrates this.

To continue upgrading their energy efficiency Miele have improved the energy rating of five 8kg machines and six 9kg models to uphold their reputation as the most energy efficient brand with all 9kg models now at A+++ -40%.

They key features to the new models is that they will include PowerWash 2.0 and be more energy efficient. However, there are a few added extras such as SteamCare, Drum Lighting, Slanted Fascia and Mix of individual items to name a few

New Washing Machine models:

Tumble Dryer models:


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