Top product 2015 – Miele G6260SCVi Dishwasher

Premier Electrics best-seller of 2015 is the Miele G6260SCVi fully integrated dishwasher and is a Which? Best Buy. Because of this, we thought we should share with you why it is a highly recommended product.

g6260Starting with the key features, the Miele G6260 SCVi dishwasher has an A+++ energy rating and an incredibly low noise level of 44dB. Additional benefits include the 3D cutlery tray, LED display and delay start. The 3D cutlery tray that the G6260 SCVi has creates more room in the bottom half of the dishwasher as the tray is positioned nicely at the top of the Miele dishwasher. Delay start is another helpful extra, you can choose when you want your dishwasher to start a wash e.g. when you are at work or when you are asleep, ideal if you want to take advantage of cheaper electricity at night.

Also, with the G6260 SCVi dishwasher there is an AutoSensor feature that automatically adjusts water and detergent usage based on the cleanliness of the water, while Perfect GlassCare technology monitors and adjusts water hardness to provide a gentler clean.

The G6260 SCVi has  now discontinued and has been replaced by the G6660 SCVi which has the same features and more.


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