Free Saucepan Set Giveaway

Bosch, Neff and Siemens, manufactured by BSH are giving away a brand new saucepan set worth up to £110 to customers that buy selected induction hobs. This offer is running until the 31st of December 2016 meaning there is no rush for you to get one. This would be a great opportunity if you are going to do up your kitchen soon, if you are moving house or if you simply just fancy a new set as yours are not to your taste anymore.

For those who don’t have an induction hob, don’t be daunted by them. A lot of people think they look complicated to use but in actual fact they are very simple to use. Most induction hobs are completely touch screen and all you do is apply pressure by your finger onto the symbol to turn on the rings you need to use.

neff T51D86X2PIE975N14E

These hobs are included in the deal, to see information on the hobs click the picture to be redirected to our website.


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