How To Save Money and Energy – Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers can cost up to £139 to run per year which is an added extra to the bill pile. However, this can be incredibly reduced to as low as only £30 per year. You can do this by buying an A rated machine, most tumble dryers are C grade and can go down to a G which consumes the most energy. With an A rated tumble dryer you will reduce your bill by at least half the price you would normally pay and you will save more energy at the same time. As well as this, if you want to save the most energy and money you should look for a tumble dryer with an A+, A++ or an A+++ rating. When looking for a tumble dryer the most efficient ones are condenser dryers, heat pump and gas-vented.

Tips you can use:

  • Try to fit the maximum load in your tumble dryer every time.
  • Make your washing is as dry as possible before using your tumble dryer by using a high spin speed.
  • Clean the lint filter every time you use the machine – a blocked filter prevents the hot air from circulating freely, so clothes take longer to dry.
  • Position your dryer in a well-ventilated room to stop the tumble dryer from overheating.
  • Dry clothes for ironing together with other clothes – start the load on an iron-dry setting, remove the clothes that need ironing, and then put the rest on a cupboard-dry program.
  • Make the most of good weather by drying your clothes outside and leaving the tumble dryer switched off.
  • Fasten duvet covers to stop small items getting trapped inside the cover and staying damp.
  • Untangle everything between taking it out of your washing machine and putting it in your dryer – large knots of washing take longer to dry.

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