New Coffee Machines

Premier Electrics have added two new integrated bean-to-cup coffee machines. They are both very similar in terms of the features they have, In this blog I will be running through their details with you starting with the Bosch CTL636ES1.
CTL636ES1The Bosch CTL636ES1 is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that gives you a variety of different beverages and allows you to save up to 8 personal favourites. With this you can also decide how hot you would like it and the amount of Coffee that goes into it by choosing either 1, 2 or 3 coffee strength. The machine has touch controls and a TFT display making it accessible to make yourself the perfect drink. Other great features include the Aroma Double Shot where you can add a little extra coffee to your beverage without compromising on aroma, you can also make two drinks simultaneously which is greatly convenient.  There is a steam blast which is a fully-automatic steam cleaner that cleans the the milk system after every beverage. All milk nozzle parts are easily removable and are dishwasher safe.


This is the Siemens CT636LES1, you can already see that the two coffee machines have very similar names. This is because Bosch and Siemens are created by the same company and therefore the products are often nearly the same.For example, the Aroma Double Shot feature is included in the Siemens CT636LES1. As well as this, touch controls and TFT display are the same. You can save up to 8 personalised beverages such as a Latte Macchiato and can make two drinks simultaneously. This coffee machine allows you to tailor your coffee to how you would like it by choosing the heat and the coffee strength yourself. In terms of cleaning, there is also a steam cleaner for the milk system that will run after every beverages. The parts are all easy to remove and are dishwasher proof. The only real difference is the design, the siemens CT636LES1 is very contemporary where as the Bosch would fit into any kitchen. They are both integrated bean-to-cup coffee centres meaning they need to built-into a unit.
For more details on the products click the link on the model number.


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