What Is The Difference Between An SCVi and a Vi Model Dishwasher?

A lot of customers get confused when they see two different model numbers that are the same but have either SCVi and Vi at the end of them. The difference between the two is very simple, an SCVi model has a cutlery tray. This is where instead of having a basket at the bottom of the dishwasher, there is a tray at the top of the dishwasher specifically designed for your cutlery. Where as the Vi on the other hand, has a cutlery basket. Most of the time these machines will have exactly the same features.

Here is an example of an SCVi and Vi dishwasher that have the same features –

Miele G 4263 SCVi Active

This is the Miele G4263 SCVi, as you can see at the top there is a cutlery tray. This machine has an A+ Energy Rating and is a fully integrated dishwasher.




Miele G4263 Vi Fully Integrated

This is the Miele G4263 Vi integrated dishwasher with a cutlery basket. Along with this machine comes an A+ Energy Efficiency Rating.



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