How To Get Rid Of Washing Machine Odour

This Blog post focuses on the importance of using maintenance washes on the hottest program and how you can get rid of musty and moldy bad smells. It will also give you more information on how the problems can arise and how you can prevent them.

Beginning with the use of products, products that claim to freshen up your washing and get rid of odors only work when you are using the product on a particularly clean washer or dishwasher, they tend not to kill the bad smell of a really badly smelling appliance. If your washing  machine is seriously smelly, has black mold and greasy gunge you may want to try some of these solutions.

Try carrying out one or more maintenance washes
Because of the price of hot water most people have stopped doing hot washes. This however, isn’t the best thing for your washing machine because hot water helps kill bacteria and cut down grease. The first wash you should try is a boil wash cycle on the temperatures 90° or 95°. With this wash place detergent inside but no laundry. You may have to try this more than once.

You could also try using soda crystals which eliminate grease by dissolving it. Try putting half a packet inside the drum and put it on a boil wash.

For those who use low temperatures and (or) liquid detergents it is important to try to find a detergent that has bleaching agents in them. Look for “bleaching agents” in the ingredients section. Do not put chemical cleaning bleach in your machine, oxygen bleach however can be used in your washing machine.

Use Vinegar to eliminate odours
It’s worth trying White distilled Vinegar to get rid of odours. The method to follow is: place half a cup of white vinegar inside an empty machine and put it on a boil wash programme. As the first bit of water goes into the sump hose and is sealed off, we recommend that you wait for about 15 seconds before pouring the vinegar into the soap drawer where water is running in to let it wash down into the machine.

What causes washing machine smells,  grease, slime and black mould?
The machine collects dirt, soap, grease and bits of fabric that can get trapped under the gasket, in the drum or block the pressure system creating a breeding ground for nasty smells. To prevent this happening you must follow the above methods.



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