Features That Bosch & Siemens Have In Common

Bosch and Siemens are owned by the same company therefore their share some of the same features. I will be going through the features one by one with you starting with I-Dos.

I-Dos: I-Dos makes your washing easier with a precision detergent dispenser that detects how much detergent and fabric softener your laundry needs. The system will sense the type of textiles, load size, water hardness and degree of soiling. After analysing the load, it will calculate the amount of dosage it is going to insert to ensure first-class washing results. When you incorrectly dose your washing it can damage the fabric and give poor washing results as well as, increase water and energy consumption.


Rapid/Quick 15 Minute Wash: Both Bosh and Siemens have the super quick 15 minute wash option and they are the only two brands to have this option. Siemens’ have called it Rapid 15 and Bosch have named it called Super Quick 15.

VarioPerfect = ecoPerfect and SpeedPerfect: VarioPerfect is where you can select if you would prefer a fast wash or an especially energy-efficient wash. You can save energy or you can save it’s totally up to you. Select the SpeedPerfect option when you want to save time and your laundry to be perfectly cleaned quickly. With SpeedPerfect, your washing machine saves up to 65% of the time depending on the selected programme. When
selecting the ecoPerfect you reduce your machines energy consumption by up to 50%. You can use these options on any programmes except wool/handwash and super15. 596x335_EN_NEU_Diagramm_speedPerfect_vs_ecoPerfect_Linie

Stain Removal: Many stains can be removed including tomato, red wine or grass, this highly intelligent sensor system knows how to remove up to 16276x155_wineglas_fh of the most stubborn stains. You select the corresponding stain on the display, and the appliance automatically adjusts certain settings. You can use the stain options in almost all standard and special programmes.

varioSoft Drum: A gentle or intensive wash is carried out according to the programme selected. The paddles also ensure optimum penetration of the laundry. This means that it will be washed more quickly – for perfect results without rough handling.

Refrigeration storage: Siemens and Bosch both have the following storage boxes; BigBox, HydroFresh Box and CrisperBox. The BigBox is an extra large box, the HydroFresh Box is for fruit and vegetables to help them last long with moist air and the CrisperBox is a box that you can adjust the moisture level with a slide control. This you can keep most things in to enable food crisp and fresh.



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