Make The Most Of Apple Season

It is Apple season and our English apple’s are as tasty as they can be! If you fancy a quick treat or you need to use up your apples, an apple crumble can be a brilliant idea! Thanks to one of our Partners Neff, we realised how much goodness is in our apples! Here’s how you can make a crumble:

3471206b15e9854025f35cd409d396e0Firstly chop a few apples up. Get a pan and place a small amount of water in it. Add the apples and let them simmer for 5 minutes or so. With this, if you are a fan of Cinnamon, adding a couple teaspoons to the mixture can give your crumble a lovely twist.

Next, you need to create a crumble. Do this by gathering these ingredients:

  • Couple tablespoonfuls of flower
  • A tablespoon of sugar
  • Small to medium nob of butter
  • Handful or two of porridge oats together.

When you find these mix them altogether and that is your crumble layer ready to pour over the apples.

Lastly, put your apple mixture into a dish, spread some flaked almonds over mixture and then sprinkle crumble mix on top. Cook in oven for 30 minutes.

For an added extra you can eat this treat with Custard or Cream. Enjoy!


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