3 Reasons Why Delay Start Is A Must-Have Feature

When people think of the Delay Start feature on a washing machine, washer dryer, tumble dryer or dishwasher they don’t realise the full extent of how helpful this feature can be. Here are 3 pretty impressive reasons why it is a must-have feature.


  1. You can save money at night. For those who have an energy provider that have night time electricity tariffs, you can take full advantage of the cheap electricity by setting your programme to begin at night whilst you are asleep.
  2. Delay start allows you to save time. You can have washed or dried laundry ready when you need it. For example, when your home from work, that’s one less job for you to worry about.
  3. You can postpone the start of a programme by up to 24 hours. This means you have enough time to plan ahead.

Features That Bosch & Siemens Have In Common

Bosch and Siemens are owned by the same company therefore their share some of the same features. I will be going through the features one by one with you starting with I-Dos.

I-Dos: I-Dos makes your washing easier with a precision detergent dispenser that detects how much detergent and fabric softener your laundry needs. The system will sense the type of textiles, load size, water hardness and degree of soiling. After analysing the load, it will calculate the amount of dosage it is going to insert to ensure first-class washing results. When you incorrectly dose your washing it can damage the fabric and give poor washing results as well as, increase water and energy consumption.


Rapid/Quick 15 Minute Wash: Both Bosh and Siemens have the super quick 15 minute wash option and they are the only two brands to have this option. Siemens’ have called it Rapid 15 and Bosch have named it called Super Quick 15.

VarioPerfect = ecoPerfect and SpeedPerfect: VarioPerfect is where you can select if you would prefer a fast wash or an especially energy-efficient wash. You can save energy or you can save it’s totally up to you. Select the SpeedPerfect option when you want to save time and your laundry to be perfectly cleaned quickly. With SpeedPerfect, your washing machine saves up to 65% of the time depending on the selected programme. When
selecting the ecoPerfect you reduce your machines energy consumption by up to 50%. You can use these options on any programmes except wool/handwash and super15. 596x335_EN_NEU_Diagramm_speedPerfect_vs_ecoPerfect_Linie

Stain Removal: Many stains can be removed including tomato, red wine or grass, this highly intelligent sensor system knows how to remove up to 16276x155_wineglas_fh of the most stubborn stains. You select the corresponding stain on the display, and the appliance automatically adjusts certain settings. You can use the stain options in almost all standard and special programmes.

varioSoft Drum: A gentle or intensive wash is carried out according to the programme selected. The paddles also ensure optimum penetration of the laundry. This means that it will be washed more quickly – for perfect results without rough handling.

Refrigeration storage: Siemens and Bosch both have the following storage boxes; BigBox, HydroFresh Box and CrisperBox. The BigBox is an extra large box, the HydroFresh Box is for fruit and vegetables to help them last long with moist air and the CrisperBox is a box that you can adjust the moisture level with a slide control. This you can keep most things in to enable food crisp and fresh.


About Premier Electrics’ Reliable Repair Service

We know It can be really difficult when a vital home essential has an issue that is out of your hands, that is why we offer our customers a same day or next day repair appointment. All you need to do to book is call our head office on 0800 592107 or you can book online by giving us a few details of your appliance and it’s issue plus a couple contact details.

We have a call out charge of £70 that is not charge when you have a repair done or when you buy a new product with us. We only charge you the £70 if you do not use our services.

Young woman on phone with overflowing dishwasher

When you have a repair done one of our appliance engineers will arrive at your property in a premier electrics van, dressed in our uniform.

Appliances we repair: Washing Machine, Washer Dryer, Tumble Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigeration, Oven, Hoflame-580342_640bs, Cookers.

Premier Electrics strictly have electric engineers therefore we cannot repair gas products.

Also, all of our repairs come with a 1 year warranty.

Our coverage areas are: Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and Kent.

Common Dishwasher Issues & Solutions

Here are some helpful solutions for the most common dishwasher problems.thumbnail_20140501090938_81354

Dishes still wet when they come out of the dishwasher

  • Make sure you load the dishes and crockery in the correct way so that the water can run off them freely.
  • Use a rinse aid such as Finish Jet Dry® to the rinse aid dispenser to get dryer dishes. Recommended #1 by dishwasher brands worldwide.
  • If this doesn’t work it could possibly mean that there is a faulty heating element. You would need to call an engineer. Call Premier Electrics on 0800 592107.

General poor cleaning from your dishwasher

  • Try to avoid using low quality detergent and detergent that is old or damp.
  • Put the right dose of detergent as recommended.
  • Allow the water to circulate by loading your dishes properly.
  • It could be a build-up of limescale and grease which is effecting the cleaning, try a dishwasher cleaner to see if it improves your washes.

Food around filter

  • Remove the filter and clean it.
  • Scrape all food off your dishes/plates before loading them.
  • Use the normal and auto wash cycle.

Cloudy glassware

  • glasswareFor people in hard water areas, get a hard water detergent booster to avoid limescale.
  • If your glasses have white streaks on them it could mean surface corrosion.
  • Avoid this by using low temperature.

Faded patterns on plates

  • Use a detergent with an anti-corrosion protector in.
  • Run low temperature cycles, or if it says it is not dishwasher safe wash items by hand.

Detergent residues at end of cycle

  • Check door of dosing chamber is not blocked by bulky dishes or large utensils.
  • A damp dosing chamber can cause tablets and powder to stick.

Spots, drops marks, and smears on glasses

  • Correctly load dishes to enable water runs off freely.
  • Regularly add a high quality rinse aid dispenser.
  • If you can Determine your local water hardness the you can adjust the machine setting.

Foaming machine

  • Could be due to traces of washing up liquid on dishes. Pre-washing is not necessary.
  • Rinse aid spilled during refilling, or rinse aid chamber could be leaking.
  • A lot of protein-based food left on dishes such as egg and milk.

Orange staining on plastics

  • Possibly caused by red coloured sauce in the wash such as spaghetti sauce.
  • Make sure to Scrape all food before loading.
  • Bleach back to original color by placing in strong sunlight.

Dishwasher not drainingMCSA00731253_E4572_SMS65E32GB_381738_korr_def

  • There’s a possibility the drain hose is kinked meaning the water cannot run properly into the machine. Make sure that a portion of the drain hose is at least 0.5m above the dishwasher’s enclosure floor.
  • Avoid the filter system clogging by cleaning regularly (e.g once a week).
  • The kitchen sink drain could be blocked and it may be a good idea to ask a plumbing service to remove the blockage for you.


  • Food that is stuck in the build up or if there is a dirty filter often creates an odor.
  • Try using a high quality dishwasher cleaner.

Make The Most Of Apple Season

It is Apple season and our English apple’s are as tasty as they can be! If you fancy a quick treat or you need to use up your apples, an apple crumble can be a brilliant idea! Thanks to one of our Partners Neff, we realised how much goodness is in our apples! Here’s how you can make a crumble:

3471206b15e9854025f35cd409d396e0Firstly chop a few apples up. Get a pan and place a small amount of water in it. Add the apples and let them simmer for 5 minutes or so. With this, if you are a fan of Cinnamon, adding a couple teaspoons to the mixture can give your crumble a lovely twist.

Next, you need to create a crumble. Do this by gathering these ingredients:

  • Couple tablespoonfuls of flower
  • A tablespoon of sugar
  • Small to medium nob of butter
  • Handful or two of porridge oats together.

When you find these mix them altogether and that is your crumble layer ready to pour over the apples.

Lastly, put your apple mixture into a dish, spread some flaked almonds over mixture and then sprinkle crumble mix on top. Cook in oven for 30 minutes.

For an added extra you can eat this treat with Custard or Cream. Enjoy!