How Do You Like Your Coffee In The Morning?

Do you enjoy a freshly made coffee prepared by the likes of Costa or Starbucks but don’t like the hefty payment on a daily basis? If this is how you feel, then a coffee machine may be a great alternative for you. This will mean that you can save yourself money and you can enjoy your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home if you wanted to. The other best part about them is that many machines are so high tech that you can tailor your coffee to the exact way that you want it. Furthermore, Coffee Machines give you the choice to have more than one option, enabling you to have cappuccinos, latte’s, Espresso’s, Americano’s and more.

Premier Electrics supply three different coffee machines, all of these are Integrated. I’m going to be talking you through these machines and their features starting with the Neff C17KS61N0 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

neff C17KS61N0 Bean to Cup Coffee CentreThis has an interactive TFT Display whereby you can directly touch to choose what you desire. As well as this, you can conveniently save up to 8 of your favourite beverages with adjustable milk and espresso with the MyCoffee feature. Another handy feature is the OneTouch DoubleCup feature enabling you to prepare two coffee’s at the same time with any coffee and milk specialty. Furthermore, the Neff Bean to Cup machine has an IndividualCupVolume Feature that allows you to adjust cup sizes ensuring your cup is filled to the extent that you want. Neff aren’t just big on features, but they’re passionate about flavours with the help of these specialized features; the SensoFlowSystem, AromaPressureSystem for aroma extraction and AromaDoubleShot will mean that you have an extra strong coffee but thanks to the two grinding and brewing processes and OneTouch process it is less bitter. This also comes with a frothing nozzle for those who love cappuccinos. With a sleek but plain design this coffee Machine should fit well into any kitchen.

The Second Integrated Coffee Machine Premier Electrics sell is the Smeg CMS45X Coffee Machine,
Smeg CMS45X Integrated Coffee Machinewith this you can create one or two cups of coffee simultaneously with the Regular or Double Function meaning there’s less waiting around in the morning or when you have guests. The Smeg Coffee Machine caters to all making it very convenient, for example, for cappuccino fans there is the steam function or if you would prefer a Tea or Hot Chocolate you can use the Hot Water function! Another brilliant thing about this machine is that you can adjust the coffee strength to up to five different levels so when you need a pick me up you can count on Smeg to make sure there is enough coffee to give you that booster you need. As well as this, Smegs helpful system contains adjustable coffee temperature, programmable water quantity and programmable automatic switch on so that can crate the right coffee that you want. Other additions to the machine is that it comes with a frothing nozzle, there is adjustable coffee dispenser, fan cooling system and a dripping tray. The design on this machine is very Barista like but is still compact and stylish at the same time.

Lastly, we have the Miele CVA6800 Bean to Cup M Touch Coffee Machine,
Miele CVA6800 Coffee Machine M TouchThe CVA6800 offers various hot beverages including cappuccino, latte macchiato, regular coffee and espressos and all can be made with the touch of a button and two can be made at one time.
This Miele Coffee machine is very high tech with it’s Automatic Cup Sensor that detects what height the cup is and will adjust the spout height in relation to your cup as well as make sure it is filled to the right amount. With this comes a 500g capacity removable coffee bean container so the choice of beans is totally up to you and you can let the coffee grinder do all the work. There are 10 programmes including the AromaticSystem which will create an intensive coffee aroma, and there is the EasyMilk System so you can easily put your milk into a container and have it warmed up and frothed to perfection.


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