Reasons Why Miele Are A Brilliant Brand!


About Miele:

Miele was first founded by two people, a farmers son, Carl Miele and by a salesman named Reinhard Zinkann in 1899. Today the Miele company is still owned and managed by the Miele and Zinkann families. Miele is one of the leading German Brands in the production of premium and commercial products with 8 production plants in Germany alone as well as other plants in different countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic. Miele have done very well for themselves in not only building a great brand image but by creating great products too.
Reasons why to choose miele:
Miele Quality:
Miele’s products are tested for the equivalent of 20 years of use and are the only manufacturer to do so .For more than a 100 year’s Miele have been proven to provide sustainable products that can last a very long time with little maintenance.

Miele Technology:
Miele’s technology uses low consumption of energy in their products but still creates unbeatable results. Miele ensure you hygienic and gentle care of your products such as clothes and crockery. The great thing about Miele’s testing is that through testing they create important key features to help with everyday life. For example, the CapDosing detergents that come in 6 different ranges including Sport, Fabric Conditioner and Proofing agent for waterproof products these detergents will help your items to stay restored and can be cared to properly. These can be used in a Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer.

Miele Convenience:
Operating Miele products are simple and easy with clear displays and different types of displays too suit your needs. The convenience doesn’t end, from retractable shelves and a cutlery section in dishwashers, to the honeycomb care in the Washing Machines that allow more water to come out the machine as well as allow clothes to flow more freely and not stick together or the machine whilst in a wash. Furthermore, there is an amazing express 20 minute wash you can do which still ensures you to have a powerfully clean wash.

Miele Design:
Miele’s design is timeless and they have a range of designs that look great that will include the same amount of power as well as including many key features that will help you in making day to day chores easier.


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