Cooking Made Easier – Neff Induction Hobs

Induction hobs operate much more quickly than ceramic and are very easy to control. They save energy, they are very safe and there is little residual heat once the saucepan is removed from the hob. The Neff Induction Hobs are especially good as they have many features and pro’s to them that has helped them to get 5* ratings and reviews. There is a wide range of Neff induction Hobs but one in particular that I would like to talk about is the Neff T51T95X2 which is a best-selling Induction hob that Premier Electrics sell.

The look232719773
The look of the induction hob is very sleek and hi-tech with it being a thin black glass product that is placed onto a worktop. On the Induction hobs they also include LED display for each zone. For the cooking zone selection and temperature control there is a removable “Point & Twist” magnetically control central to the product.

The convenience
There are many pro’s making this product convenient starting with the fact it is easy to use by its handy “Point & Twist” control enabling you to easily select the zone you want to heat up and then you can simply place your saucepan on top and the zone will heat up and will consistently heat. When it comes to cleaning this product is very easy to keep clean and maintain; you simply wipe the mess away when the hob is turned off.  Because the areas around the circular zones remain cool even during the cooking, if food spills or boils over, it won’t ever get burn on to the surface. With the removable control it makes cleaning much easier instead of cleaning around the control; you make sure you collect all dirt and spills up when it is removed. The hob is very quick to heat up but also quick to cool down also making it children friendly. As well as this, you know the hissing sound of the gas cooker? That sound is abolished with this product and there is no sound at all made by these hobs.

Features we love
– We love that it is electronically controlled and it will save energy and can save yourself from potential gas leaks and explosions with a gas cooker.
– The build quality is good.
– Simple to install.
– The glass is tempered glass, meaning the glass is four to five times the strength of normal glass and is very tough.


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