New Stock Added!

The brand new Fisher & Paykel RF610ADW4 French Door Fridge Freezer has now been stocked with Premier Electrics.


For only £1759.00 the Fisher & Paykel RF610ADW4 French Door Fridge Freezer is a perfect appliance for large homes with large families in. The design for starters is simplistic but still elegant and along with the colour being white it has the ability to brighten up any kitchen. As the light that sheds through windows hit the fridge it will bounce across the fridge onto the surrounding space in your kitchen. This would help create a happy atmosphere which is ideal, as the kitchen can be one of the busiest places in a household. Another beauty of this fridge freezer is that it will go with any kitchen style you have meaning, you don’t have to make alterations to your kitchen just to suit the fridge that’s in it. Moving on from the style, it is an easy to clean fridge, the glass shelves are removable and spill-safe, which means they catch drips and spills and stop the liquid from dropping down to the shelf below. Also, the storage bins and doors are spotlessly clean with just a simple wipe down.

As well as this, this fridge is smart; if by chance the doors are left open, you will hear and alarm so that the energy is not wasted. The defrost function uses ActiveSmart technology to save energy as well as make the defrost function adaptive. The fridge will decide the best time for your fridge to defrost based on your use of the appliance. For example, when on holiday lower levels of use will be detected so the fridge freezer will defrost less often, making sure you save your money.  ActiveSmart™ consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use.

Lastly, this will guarantee a life made easier. By choosing this fridge you are buying a helping hand, for example, you can easily operate your fridge Freezer using the SmartTouch control panel requiring just a touch of your finger to adjust settings and activate functions. Flexible shelving helps you to organise your groceries easily, and access everything you need quickly thanks to the slide out trays and bins.

Don’t miss out on this summers must have fridge! Head to our website to for more details;


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