Going Retro This Summer


Smeg Appliances are the most retro kitchen appliances of them all, with their amazing range of colours going from bright reds and greens, to light pastel pinks and blues they cater for every taste. At a first glance you may fall in to nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s era and reminisce on the old styles you were familiar with when you were younger. The beauty of Smeg is that even though they have an iconic retro design the products do fit into mostly any kitchen style. Meaning that, these products are able to simply add colour and character to your kitchen without creating to much work for yourself. In my opinion, I feel there is no biased gender for these products also, especially as there is a colour for every person. Arguably, Smeg products do possibly sway more to women because of the design. However, the products would suit a male modern or minimalist kitchen. You can buy the whole kitchen appliance range through Premier Electrics,in a variety of different colours, as well as, free delivery on the products you purchase. Shop now at www.premierelectrics.co.uk



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