Going Retro This Summer


Smeg Appliances are the most retro kitchen appliances of them all, with their amazing range of colours going from bright reds and greens, to light pastel pinks and blues they cater for every taste. At a first glance you may fall in to nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s era and reminisce on the old styles you were familiar with when you were younger. The beauty of Smeg is that even though they have an iconic retro design the products do fit into mostly any kitchen style. Meaning that, these products are able to simply add colour and character to your kitchen without creating to much work for yourself. In my opinion, I feel there is no biased gender for these products also, especially as there is a colour for every person. Arguably, Smeg products do possibly sway more to women because of the design. However, the products would suit a male modern or minimalist kitchen. You can buy the whole kitchen appliance range through Premier Electrics,in a variety of different colours, as well as, free delivery on the products you purchase. Shop now at www.premierelectrics.co.uk



The Washing Machine Debate…

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Many people wonder what washing machine is actually the ‘best’ for them and often debate on how much they should spend on a washing machine. You may or may not know the difference between models such as the Classixx range and the 3D Aqua Spa models because at the end of the day, we’re all asking ourselves the same question – if they all do the same thing “why don’t I just go for the cheapest?”

Well, washing machines have features like having a high or low drum capacity which determines the amount of clothes or material you can wash at one time. For a family, possibly a washing machine with 8-9 KG would be appropriate for them. The reason being is they can get more washed in one go instead of having to do a few washes.

Furthermore, some washing machines have different systems built in to make your washing easier and more suited to your needs such as I-Dos where you don’t need to put detergent in the washing machine every time you have a load because there is an automatic dispenser in the machine that does it for you. A few helpful programs include; Mixed Load, Allergy +, Automatic, Sports Wear program, Super Quick 15, Wool program, Delicates 30 degrees. These features make the washing routine much more simpler. It also means your clothes are protected from going bobbled, stretched or decreased in size. It’s simply a case of choosing the machine suited to you and your lifestyle that makes the difference.

Hello Welcome!


Welcome to our new blog! We are Premier Electrics, a Kitchen Appliance sales and repairs company established in 1972. We specialise in German appliance products from brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Miele. We cover the South of England and offer competitive prices with an unrivalled service. Premier Electrics are currently going through a re-branding process whereby we are introducing better ways to communicate with our customers including Social Media, creating new websites for our repairs service and by the end of August we will be ready to launch our brand new e-commerce website designed by Rocktime. This blog will detail the latest updates, newest products, and will offer expert advice.