Get your kitchen summer ready

The kitchen is the life and soul of the party and with our unreliable, British weather moving barbecues inside, your kitchen has to be ready for what summer throws at you. To get you prepared we have a few pointers you could use.

Seating area
The seating area is key to a get together. There is nothing worse when your guests can’t all sit down. There are alternative ways that you can incorporate seating, for example, you could add in a booth type seating area in a corner of your kitchen. These can give you space for up to 6 to 8 guests. As well as this, you could make a small seating area across one wall are bring your dining table to it.

Alternatively, you could buy some kitchen stools or chairs that you can use simply for guests. These chairs or stools don’t have to be expensive and you could easily find some in IKEA for a great price. For example, the chair in the image below is £5. gunde-folding-chair-white__0444896_PE595348_S4

You will need enough cutlery, bowls, plates, cups and glasses as running out of one of these can be embarrassing. I mean do you really want to offer Sarah the Disney cup because you ran out? No. Therefore, before guests arrive make sure all essentials are washed up and dried ready. Do a count before hand to check if you need to get some extras. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda supply cheap essentials that you can go and grab. An even easier idea would be to get some paper plates so that you don’t have to put any plates in to the dishwasher or wash them up.

You will need to ensure your appliances are ready for summer such as your refrigerator, hob and oven. With your refrigerator, the most common problem that they have is that due to the ambient weather and where the door is opened a lot, the hot air gets in and makes it work harder. A bit of advice is to turn up the temperature 2 notches to ensure your fridge is keeping cold. If your refrigerator is a bit too small for entertaining we have a range of refrigerators that you can choose from. When it comes to your hob and oven it’s all about size. If your hob and oven are too small you will struggle to serve the food on time.


Discover Miele TwinDos Detergent

What is TwinDos Detergent? Miele have invented the best liquid detergent system that can be used at push of a button. TwinDos is automatically dispensed and offers two options: first one being, you use Miele’s 2 Phase System. This ensures maximum efficiency and dispenses the UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. TwinDos

The TwinDos feature (if selected) will dispense accurate amounts of each detergent to your wash load to guarantee you get perfect wash results. Not only that, but it can save up to 30% on detergent use rather than overdosing by hand.

Alternatively, the UltraPhase detergents are not compulsory as the TwinDos system can dispense regular detergents automatically and precisely. The Miele traditonal detergent compartment is still located in the top left for those who prefer to use powdered detergent.

Why is UltraPhase so effective? Find out why in the video below.

TwinDos promotion – If you have a TwinDos machine you can claim for a years worth of free ultra phase detergents. For more information on this promotion click here.

TwinDos machines: WMG120, WKG120, WMH120WPS & WMH121WPS, WKH120WPS & WKH121WPS, WMR560WPS & WMR561WPS, WKR570WPS & WKR571WPS, WKR770WPS & WKR771WPS, WMV960WPS

How A Connected Home Will Reshape Your Routine

Bosch Home have recently developed ‘Home Connect’ which allows all of your Bosch household appliances to be controlled through your phone or tablet. This includes fridges, washers & dryers, coffee machines, cooking and dishwashers. All you need to do is have Wi-Fi, a phone or tablet and the Bosch Connected App which can be downloaded free from the App store and the Google Play Store.

The beauty of being able to control your appliances is that you can do it 24/7 which is perfect for everyday life. Bosch Home Connect is tailored to your every need and want. For example, at the press of a button you can find out about coffee growing, roasting methods and the most important types. It will also give you lots of great recipes and tell you why coffee tastes so great. Another great thing about the app, is that you can see when your fridge or freezer door hasn’t been closed properly which means you can tell anyone at home to close it or whoever will be home first to. The app also gives you food and storage tips so if you are ever unsure of something, you will most likely find out what to do through the handy app.

As well as this, through the Bosch Home Connect app you can have your appliances serviced by calling the Home Connect Hotline and they can remotely check the appliance and then decide what parts are needed resolving the issue much quicker.

The Ultimate DIY Oven Cleaner


Cleaning your oven is undoubtedly the worst household chore. To help make this chore a little less dreadful for you, I am going to tell you about the best oven cleaner around. Baking Soda and vinegar are the two main ingredients involved in the DIY method. These will combat grease and dirt found in your oven. After not getting great results from on the shelf products I had no choice but to try this, and it worked!


  1. Set aside all trays and racks.
  2. In a small bowl you are going to create a paste. Start this by mixing a 1/2 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water. Roughly around 3 or 4 just until you get a thick enough consistency.
  3. Next, spread the paste all over the interior surfaces of your oven, you must steer clear of the heating elements. Gloves are often essential for this job so you can get into the nooks and crannies. Try to coat the whole of the oven especially in the greasiest areas.
  4. Let the baking soda mixture to rest overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours.
  5. Meanwhile, you can clean your oven racks.
  6. 12 hours later, take a damp cloth and wipe out the dried baking soda paste. Use a plastic or silicone spatula if you need help scraping off the paste.
  7. Put a little vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz where you can see baking soda residue. The vinegar is used because it reacts with the baking soda and it will gently foam.
  8. One last wipe down, using your damp cloth wipe the remaining foamy mixture. You may want to repeat until all the baking soda residue is gone. Add more water or vinegar to your cloth as needed while wiping to really get the oven clean and shiny.
  9. Place oven racks back and you are finished!


Will Miele Ever Run Out Of Innovative Ideas?

Many of Miele’s products including their top products are being discontinued and replaced with newer models. These models are more energy efficient and they come with Miele’s latest innovative features.

3D+ Cutlery Tray
The new 3D+ Cutlery Tray as seen in the image below, comes with some of the latest dishwashers. The 3D+ cutlery tray is specifically designed for your cutlery and it helpfully creates more room in the bottom half of the dishwasher. With the 3D+ Cutlery tray you can easily and simply adjust the height of the cutlery tray depending on whether you have large cups or wine glasses in the basket below.

Basket handle.jpg

App controlled
Some of the latest models from Miele such as the G6860SCVi and the G6997SCVi, can be controlled by an App on your mobile technology. This gives you the power to turn on your appliances through your phone or tablet when your not even at home.


More Energy Efficient
Miele have achieved what we thought was impossible and made their upgraded products more energy efficient! We don’t know how, but what we do know is that they are saving more energy and saving customers money.

Inject Colour With Liebherr Fridge Freezers

Liebherr, well known for their commercial products such as cranes and machinery, have a new range of vibrant freestanding fridge freezers. The Liebherr fridge freezers are all the same in terms of their features and functions. To keep the fresh summer vibes theme they have designed them in four different colours that are sure to brighten up your kitchen area. One great thing about Liebherr is their reputation for high quality, when you purchase a Liebherr product you know it’s strong, reliable and well made.
Below you can find the Liebherr fridge freezers functions, images and model numbers. 


– SmartFrost – food is frosted faster and reduces ice build-up making defrosting quicker and easier.
– CoolPlus – CoolPlus function reduces the temperature in the freezer compartment for several hours so that food can be frozen gently and safely.
– A++ Energy rating
– Bottle rack
– 4 fridge shelves, 3 removable
– 39 dB Noise Volume


CUfr3311 Fire Red
CUwb3311 WaterBlue
CUag3311 Avocado Green
CUef3311 SmartSteel Dr

More Power, More Energy Efficient – Miele PowerWash 2.0

Miele’s PowerWash washing machine and tumble dryer models are being replaced by new models that have PowerWash 2.0 technology. Powerwash 2.0 achieves an even more energy efficient wash without compromising on quality or time.

The innovative Spin&Spray wash technology uses water in the optimum way to save energy whilst ensuring perfect results. The video below demonstrates this.

To continue upgrading their energy efficiency Miele have improved the energy rating of five 8kg machines and six 9kg models to uphold their reputation as the most energy efficient brand with all 9kg models now at A+++ -40%.

They key features to the new models is that they will include PowerWash 2.0 and be more energy efficient. However, there are a few added extras such as SteamCare, Drum Lighting, Slanted Fascia and Mix of individual items to name a few

New Washing Machine models:

Tumble Dryer models:


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