Get your House Autumn Ready!

The Autumn is here and whilst we are still getting accustomed to the weather you can get inspired by these rustic ideas, full of autumnal colours, animal prints and forest shades to transform your house.


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The best thing about Autumn and Winter is how cosy you can turn you house into. For this Autumn opt for a brown, pastel and orange pallet of colours. Furry cushions and throw will instantly cosy up your living room.


atWhat if I told you can create your own centrepiece? That’s right. You can collect fallen leafs, maize stalks and combine it all with small pumpkins and butternut squash to create your own Autumn-inspired centrepiece.

You can add  rustic wood style furniture and orange ornaments to give your house that extra kick of colour and you can top it all up by incorporating woodland animal on your house, have a look at this Hibernate collection by George.



And if you love orange (as much as I do)  what about this Smeg fridge freezer, what a great inspiration for this season!

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Miele’s New WT1 Washer Dryers

For those who have small kitchens and lack in space Miele’s washer dryers are a perfect way to optimised your kitchen space. Instead of having two separate machines you can enjoy a convenient washer-dryer.

Miele will be launching the new WT1 washer dryers in October. The new models have compact dimensions, only 60cm depth, being easily fitted in everywhere.

The WTF130 WPS can wash and dry up to 4 kg of laundry continuously whereas the previous model could only wash and dry up to 3kg.  If you only want to wash your laundry you can do so, the WTF130 WPS has a big washing drum capacity and can take up to 7kg of laundry at one time and dries up to 4kg of clothes.

This washer-dryer features Miele’s patented CapDosing which helps you achieving the best laundry results when it comes to special applications such as outdoor clothing or woollens. It automatically dispenses its contents during the cycle, allowing you to effortlessly do your laundry.

These WT1 models feature washing options such as Express 20, Stains options, Pre-Iron and PowerWash 2.0, all to provide you with better laundry care.

So if you have a small kitchen or would rather have a 2-in-1 appliance, Miele’s washer dryers are extremely reliable and feature the brand’s HoneyComb drum, CapDosing and TwinDos on the WTH120 and WTZ130 models.

You can check Premier Electrics’s washer dryers here.







Childproof Kitchen?

One of the topics we feel is important to talk about is how dangerous kitchens can be when you have children playing around. Considering  children walk on a ground level you will need to store away toxic cleaning products, garbage bins and any sharp items that can cause harm.

Here we put together a few tips on how to turn your kitchen childproof.

Childproofed hob top

Your hob can be extremely dangerous when children try to reach the hot surface, although the hob tends to be higher than children can reach, it’s always a risk leaving it unprotected.

If you have an electrical hob try getting into the habit of using the back hot plates instead of the front ones. Most of the electric hobs nowadays have a lock button that needs to be pressed before switching off the hot plates, making it safer.

However, if you have a gas stove you will need to be more careful with the stove knobs. The most secure way to keep your children away from accidents is to remove the stove knobs as soon as you finish cooking as most of the stove knobs are easily removable coming straight off when pulled. If you want to be extra safe or you don’t like the idea of having knobs laying around the kitchen risking losing them, you can opt by getting stove knob covers. This is especially useful when the stove knobs are by the front of the appliance instead of beside the hot plates.



Childproofed Dishwasher and Microwave:

Children love playing with microwaves, buttons that beep and a plate that spins around, it seems like it is one of their favourite toys.

To avoid your children opening up your microwave and dishwasher in mid-cycle and having to double wash your crockery you can obtain childproof straps.

Childproof straps are particularly useful around the kitchen, the adhesive bottom can get a good grip to your cabinets and almost any type of appliance .

Also keep in mind that having child locks spread around your kitchen don’t necessary mean it’s completely safe to leave your child unsupervised in the kitchen.

Having guests over can also mean they forget to lock the straps back in.

The best way to keep your kitchen as childproofed as possible is to get into the habit of:

  • Keep cleaning products and garbage bins out of reach. Store them in an upper cabinet.
  • On your dishwasher place your knives downwards. In case your child does manage to open the dishwasher or while loading it avoids them grasping the sharp end or being poked.
  • Don’t keep items over the edge of cabinets or worktops as they can be pulled and fall over.
  • Keep the kitchen floor swept and clean. If you have pieces of food laying around the floor your child might put it on the month.
  • Store potentially dangerous items such as cutlery and sharp utensils on an out-of-reach drawer or cabinet.
A way of keeping children from getting themselves into danger is to keep them occupied with something else. If you buy animal magnets and stick them to the bottom of your fridge your child just might get entertained with them while you do the cooking.
Children cooking activities is also a good way of keeping them engaged and out of trouble.
Remember that there are 1001 childproof solutions out on the market to make you lock, buffer and cover all the potential dangers in your kitchen.
As much as you want to protect your children from getting harmed the solution is not on childproofing every single appliance(as this can also become extremely annoying for adults).
Stick with only a few latches and try putting the tips above into practice. If you know you’ve stored away all the child harming products then your mind will be at ease.



How to keep your kitchen organised


We all struggle to keep our kitchens tidy and neat…

With all the rushing around on weekdays we see ourselves obligated to tidy up the kitchen cabinets on the weekends.

Here are some easy tips for an orderly kitchen!

Tip #1  Group your items

Start by Emptying all your cabinets and drawers and deciding which products you use more frequently, then group them together in  quick-access deep drawers or cupboards.

Tip #2 Hang cooking utensils vertically 

Instead of having all your utensils rammed into a drawer try hanging them on the vertical by hanging a rack on the countertop. This way not only you can find utensils quicker you free up an extra drawer.

Tip #3 Make usage of containers 

Containers are an excellent way to organise your cabinets, by storing your items into different sized containers you can avoid having loads of different packagings laying around your kitchen and it will also give a stylish look to your kitchen.

When transferring your products into containers or perhaps mason jars don’t forget to label them. Labelling will save you loads of time looking for ingredients in your cabinets or pantry.


Organise your cabinet by product type


Tip #4 Try to keep lids and containers together 

Reserve one of the drawers to store all the containers and respective lids. Nothing is more frustrated that not finding the lid to the right container.

Tip #5 Keep products with the closest expiring date on the front!

What we all tend to do is buy new products and when storing them pushing the others down to the back of the cabinet, well that’s not a particularly good idea! Then when we realise all the other products gone past the expiring date… always try to keep the oldest products on the front and store the new ones behind.

                            Clever Idea!!

Hang corkboards on the inside of your cabinet door to take advantage of every bit of space.

You can hand a corkboard on the inside of your cabinets so they don’t look as bare and use it to pin recipes, notes or even your shopping list!

We hope you found this post interesting, for more articles like this visit our Facebook and remember at Premier Electrics we offer the best kitchen appliances.

Discover Miele’s Robotic vacuum cleaner


As the technology develops more often now we see self-driving, autonomous products. Robotic vacuum cleaners have particularly been popular over the time and their demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of %15.3 by 2020.

These autonomous vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity as it reduces household cleaning time. With rechargeable batteries and long lasting hours of performance they are becoming extremely sophisticated.

Miele has launched their very first own robot vacuum cleaner back in 2014,Scout RX1. The brand offers the same features as it competitors but with a more extended battery life and sensors that map where it has to clean.

Between the features, Scout XR1 has a smart Navigation system which allows it to clean in parallel lines throughout the room, an extended battery life that lasts up to 120 minutes at a time without needing to be recharged.

Miele also took time investing in a furniture protected system and a smart corner cleaning setting so obstacles can be avoided and prevents it from getting stuck in furniture and walls. Scout RX1 is able to recognise objects in the path and clean the surroundings.

The corner mode allows Scout RX1 to reach edges and difficult corners where the dust tends to build up.

You can check Miele’s product features here and tell us what do you think about this vacuum cleaner.





Get your kitchen summer ready

The kitchen is the life and soul of the party and with our unreliable, British weather moving barbecues inside, your kitchen has to be ready for what summer throws at you. To get you prepared we have a few pointers you could use.

Seating area
The seating area is key to a get together. There is nothing worse when your guests can’t all sit down. There are alternative ways that you can incorporate seating, for example, you could add in a booth type seating area in a corner of your kitchen. These can give you space for up to 6 to 8 guests. As well as this, you could make a small seating area across one wall are bring your dining table to it.

Alternatively, you could buy some kitchen stools or chairs that you can use simply for guests. These chairs or stools don’t have to be expensive and you could easily find some in IKEA for a great price. For example, the chair in the image below is £5. gunde-folding-chair-white__0444896_PE595348_S4

You will need enough cutlery, bowls, plates, cups and glasses as running out of one of these can be embarrassing. I mean do you really want to offer Sarah the Disney cup because you ran out? No. Therefore, before guests arrive make sure all essentials are washed up and dried ready. Do a count before hand to check if you need to get some extras. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda supply cheap essentials that you can go and grab. An even easier idea would be to get some paper plates so that you don’t have to put any plates in to the dishwasher or wash them up.

You will need to ensure your appliances are ready for summer such as your refrigerator, hob and oven. With your refrigerator, the most common problem that they have is that due to the ambient weather and where the door is opened a lot, the hot air gets in and makes it work harder. A bit of advice is to turn up the temperature 2 notches to ensure your fridge is keeping cold. If your refrigerator is a bit too small for entertaining we have a range of refrigerators that you can choose from. When it comes to your hob and oven it’s all about size. If your hob and oven are too small you will struggle to serve the food on time.


Discover Miele TwinDos Detergent

What is TwinDos Detergent? Miele have invented the best liquid detergent system that can be used at push of a button. TwinDos is automatically dispensed and offers two options: first one being, you use Miele’s 2 Phase System. This ensures maximum efficiency and dispenses the UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. TwinDos

The TwinDos feature (if selected) will dispense accurate amounts of each detergent to your wash load to guarantee you get perfect wash results. Not only that, but it can save up to 30% on detergent use rather than overdosing by hand.

Alternatively, the UltraPhase detergents are not compulsory as the TwinDos system can dispense regular detergents automatically and precisely. The Miele traditonal detergent compartment is still located in the top left for those who prefer to use powdered detergent.

Why is UltraPhase so effective? Find out why in the video below.

TwinDos promotion – If you have a TwinDos machine you can claim for a years worth of free ultra phase detergents. For more information on this promotion click here.

TwinDos machines: WMG120, WKG120, WMH120WPS & WMH121WPS, WKH120WPS & WKH121WPS, WMR560WPS & WMR561WPS, WKR570WPS & WKR571WPS, WKR770WPS & WKR771WPS, WMV960WPS